We understand the desire to run a tight ship, but the reality of working in such a complex and constantly evolving environment is that issues will arise for which rapid response travel nursing is the best solution.

Travel nursing increases organizational profitability, reduces nursing burnout, and improves patient satisfaction.


Increase Profitability

It’s a simple truth: the more staff you have, the more patients you can treat for more revenue. But demand isn’t always high enough to warrant all that full-time staff, provided you can even find the full-time staff with medical professional shortages being what they are. With quick-to-deploy staffing solutions, you can scale up and down with demand, saving on full-time staff expenses while continuing to treat patients.

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Reduce Nursing Burnout

The statistics around nursing burnout are alarming; there is too much stressful work for too few nurses. If you want to reduce resignations and improve organizational morale, travel nurses are a boon as they can capably take on their share of work and more (overtime only applies in excess of 48 hr/wk). In addition, our travel professionals can share insights and tips from other facilities they’ve worked in, helping improve organizational culture and processes.

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Improve Patient Satisfaction

There are four factors to patient satisfaction: (1) How quickly was I seen? (2) Was the staff friendly and competent? (3) Did they help me or my loved one get better? and (4) How much did it cost? We can help with all but the latter. Maintaining the right level of staff reduces wait times and the rate of LWBS patients. Moreover, because we only staff high-quality, experienced professionals, you can be sure that the care they provide will be commendable.

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Labor Dispute Contingency

A job action or strike could be crippling to your facility’s ability to provide quality health care to the communities you serve. Our subsidiary Freedom Crisis Staffing specializes in labor dispute staffing, bringing the same high-quality travel professionals and consultative approach to bear to ensure you have a solid contingency plan when preparing for collective bargaining.

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