Freedom Healthcare Staffing has worked hard to create the ideal model for temporary healthcare staffing. Done well, staffing solutions increase organizational adaptability and profitability, reduce workplace pressures, and improve quality of care.

We are confident no one does healthcare staffing better than us.

Firsthand Expertise Guides a Better Solution
As former healthcare executives, we understand the complex and ever-evolving decisions you face, and we know how ill-equipped most staffing agencies are—with their underqualified staff and slow response times—to meet your needs. We’ve learned from their mistakes to build a better model.

Our strict hiring practices ensure only the best, most experienced travel nurses, advanced practice providers, and allied professionals are hired. Rapid deployment in as little as ten days ensures patients are cared for and you remain productive and profitable.

Taking A Flexible, Consultative Approach
Our management team, drawing on decades of healthcare staffing experience, will work closely with you to develop a unique solution best-suited to your needs.

  • We can promise rapid deployment to your facility when you experience short-notice changes in staffing or demand. Or we can begin planning months in advance for seasonal changes in demand.
  • Have your own contracts or unique approval processes? We will adapt to do it your way. We make it easy to do business with us.
  • We offer flexible contracts, starting at a minimum of four weeks and up to 13 weeks. If you discover you need to extend a contract—demand remains high or you love their work (not uncommon given the quality of professionals we place)—we will make it work.
  • Have a desire to fast track new services to generate revenue? Or need the help of an experienced hospital executive team to manage rising costs? We’re not here just for skilled staffing shortages.

Our approach has built many long-term partnerships and earned us a reputation for being a joy to work with.

We handle all the details; you enjoy the end result.

If you need high-quality nurses—NOW—we’re ready to help.

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