We talk elsewhere of the effect of adequate levels of staffing on increasing hospital revenue, because it ensures wait times are shorter and more patients are treated in a timely fashion. The natural byproduct of this is increased patient satisfaction, which in turn leads to greater patient retention and referrals and yet more revenue.

We take care of the nurses, they take care of your patients, you take care of the billing. Everybody wins.

Consequences of Inadequate Staffing

  • Failure to maximize inpatient revenue
  • Higher rate of nurse burnout
  • Delays in care and increase in LWBS patients
  • Marginalized patient experience
  • Compromised community safety net

Great Professionals Deliver Great Patient Care
There are four factors to patient satisfaction: (1) How quickly was I seen? (2) Was the staff friendly and competent? (3) Did they help me or my loved one get better? and (4) How much did it cost? While the availability of the staff helps with the first, healthcare staffing solutions are only as good as the staff that is placed, and we have the best.

Our healthcare professionals have been working in the healthcare sector for decades, with years of experience as a traveling provider and glowing recommendations from past employers. Each has undergone a rigorous application process, including a background check and an interview with former hospital nurse executives. In essence, we hire as if we were back running our own hospitals and wanted the best medical professionals for the best care. You can be sure that the patient care they provide will be commendable.

How Freedom Fills the Gap

Whether you have staff on leave, are on hold to hire a new nurse, are dealing with a strike or budgetary restrictions, or there is a seasonal spike in demand, we can quickly provide quality healthcare providers, including registered nurses, to any of your understaffed departments in as little as 10 days. We offer flexible contracts, starting at a minimum of four weeks and ranging up to the standard 13 weeks (extensions are also possible), so you can have coverage when you need it.

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