We are only interested in working with the best, most-experienced nurses, allied professionals, and advanced practice providers, and who better to help identify those candidates than the people who work alongside them and know what it takes to be an exceptional travel professional?

To show our gratitude, we offer an ongoing commission for every hour your referrals, and your referrals’ referrals, work during their first 2 years with us. There is no limit to the number of professionals you can refer or money you can earn through this program, though they must be professionals who are not currently in our system.


How It Works
Through this best-in-the-business program, you have the opportunity to earn far more than you could with a one-time bonus, all while helping your peers enjoy the many benefits that come from working with Freedom.

Here’s how it works:

So how much did the nurse in our example earn through the program? Based on our nurses’ average workload over 2 years, she earned at least $6,000 and possibly as much as $8,000, a far cry from the typical $500 bonus the industry hands out. On top of that, because our nurses tend to stay with us, you can feel great knowing you’ve helped a fellow healthcare professional find their career destination.

There is no limit to the number of professionals you can refer or money you can earn through this program. It’s not even a requirement that you be taking travel assignments during those two years. Just make sure that all referral sources be annotated on any employment application to FreedomHCS. In the event that more than one nurse is nominated for referral by more than one person, the referral source will govern the referral reward payment.

Together we ensure the best nurses, advanced practice providers, and allied professionals get where they’re needed most and receive the best compensation. And that starts with you.

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