The statistics around nursing burnout are alarming; simply put, there is too much stressful work for too few nurses, and it’s causing our industry to lose good people from the workforce. Long-term nursing burnout interventions are needed, but in the here and now, you don’t need to live with being short staffed.

More nurses working mean less demanding conditions for your full-time staff.

Consequences of Inadequate Staffing

  • Failure to maximize inpatient revenue
  • Higher rate of nurse burnout
  • Delays in care and increase in LWBS patients
  • Marginalized patient experience
  • Compromised community safety net

How Our Nurses Help Your Nurses
By and large, full-time hospital staff welcome the intervention of travel professionals because they know what a boon that extra pair of hands will be when things get hectic. What’s more, our nurses have traveled across the country to all manner of hospital and healthcare facility—from small rural hospitals to large research complexes—and thus have a unique perspective on the inner-workings of healthcare organizations. They love to share insights and tips from that breadth of experience to help their current employer improve organizational culture and processes.

How We Keep Our Own Nurses from Burning Out
Traveling to a new nursing assignment can add more stress to an already stressful job. We avoid this by handling all travel and housing arrangements, as well as compensation and health insurance, so our staff can focus on preparing for each assignment.

We train our nurses on how to deal with the stresses of their job, as well as how they can contribute to creating a more positive and productive work environment. Any of our nurses that do need help can turn to our staff to receive the support they need. This ensures they don’t take support resources away from your full-time staff.

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