Living the life of a travel nurse is fun, exciting and full of new adventures! But, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. Whether it’s your first or twenty-first assignment, coming across a slew of mishaps is never fun and can drain your enthusiasm for travel nursing. Don’t fret, we have a guide on how to help with these struggles that may pop-up while on assignment.

    Problems With The Hospital

    Life doesn’t always run as smoothly as we would like it to. Problems may arise with hospitals while on assignment, while this slight hiccup could cause you stress, most issues can be resolved. Inform your supervisor of the issue right away. You may also have difficulty adapting to hospital policies and procedures that are different from where you were previously located. Don’t let this put a damper on your mood. Remember, hospitals typically have a good reason for doing things they way they do them. Processes and procedures are in place for a reason, and part of being a travel nurse is being able to adapt to new and different circumstances. Always inform your recruiter of any issues that weren’t resolved easily and efficiently.

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    Make the First Day Count

    Being on time and making positive first impressions will take you a long way when it comes to getting along with co-workers on assignment. Going into a new assignment with a positive attitude and a smile is the best thing you can have, even if it isn’t reciprocated back. Everyone has bad days, even nurses, which means maybe you caught a new colleague on a bad day, so don’t let your first impression of them cause you any stress. If problems keep arising, here are a few tips to overcome personality conflicts and defuse confrontations with fellow nurses:

    • Be assertive not aggressive. Remember, you are responsible for your behavior and you cannot control other’s attitudes.
    • Treat everyone with respect and dignity, use positive body language and speak quietly.
    • Empathize and actively listen to help understand and defuse the situation.
    • Pursue a solution and apologize
    • If the situation isn’t resolved, calmly remove yourself from it.
    • Facilities have protocols on bullying behavior. Document the incidents and report the behavior to your supervisor, the HR department and your travel nursing agency.
    • The ANA also provides information and resources on bullying in the workplace.

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    Personal or Family Illness

    We understand, sometimes a personal or family issue may arise that calls for immediate attention. These issues may cause you to miss a little time than expected. When these issues arise, it's best to inform both your staffing agency and the facility. Be able to document the issue as best as you can. If it’s personal or family health issues try to get official documentation from a healthcare provider. If there is a death in the family, try to get a copy of the certificate. This may seem callous, but it can never hurt to have as much proof and documentation as possible. If you are having a tough time and struggling with your assignment, talk to your recruiter and see if it’s something you can work through. Try to remember it’s only 13 weeks or less, it will be one more assignment you can put on your resume, and one more experience you can grow and learn from. [bctt tweet="Drama happens, fortunately we have a guide for #travelnurses to get through mishaps that may pop-up while on assignment." username="freedomhcs"] Freedom Healthcare is always here to help with any issues that may arise. Use your recruiter as a support system anytime throughout your travel nursing journey. We are here to help you through the ups and the downs of your journey, and want to ensure our nurses are happy and enjoying time in their facility and loving their free time exploring a new city. When it comes to travel nursing, 99% of the time, it will be an enjoyable experience with Freedom by your side. If you take the time to work with your recruiter, prepare, do your homework and plan ahead, there is a more likely chance that your assignment will run smoothly and you’ll have an amazing time in your new city! Start your journey with Freedom today and apply now!

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