You’ve undoubtedly by now have heard of Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI. AI is the science of making machines think and solve problems like humans. It’s remarkable technology that recognizes patterns, makes decisions, and even judges like we do. It’s technology the healthcare industry cannot help but notice…and start using.

    AI and Healthcare. The Relief Nurses Have Long Needed.

    As AI starts integrating into the world of healthcare, nurses everywhere will immediately appreciate its fast speed and accuracy. By utilizing AI tools in nursing, you can access real-time, data-driven insights that will deliver greater patient outcomes, more precise diagnoses, and ultimately, more personalized treatments. Artificial intelligence acts like your very own assistant, a sidekick you can count on to help you out at a moment’s notice. Let it anticipate issues to help you keep patients safe and make fewer medical errors.

    There’s more. Algorithms designed and implemented by AI can even analyze medical imaging data, such as CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays. Administrative tasks and optimized workflows will alleviate the nurse burdened with an overwhelming number of tasks. The result? Nurses like you, will finally, FINALLY be able to dedicate more time to care for patients and strengthen your relationships with them, not to mention tip the scales of your work-life balance more to the life side. That’s the way it should be. 

    AI even has the capability to assist or even take over medical necessities such as feeding, attending to patient hygiene, fetching and dispensing medications. Needless to say, a great future is in store for all of healthcare. Nurses in particular.    

    AI Nurse Tools You Can Use

    For anyone working in healthcare, it will be imperative to have a working knowledge of AI going forward.

    Nurses who use AI will have the bandwidth to better handle the high number of tasks they have every day. So how do you engage with AI for your field specifically? Here are some of the more prominent AI nurse tools available out there today, ready to get you started.

    Butterfly Network’s Butterfly iQ

    This handheld ultrasound device leverages AI to deliver high-quality imaging capabilities. By connecting to a smartphone or tablet, nurses can use this AI tool to perform ultrasound scans right at the bedside. Algorithms embedded into this device deliver real-time guidance and interpretation of ultrasound images, aiding in the overall assessment and decisions on the best course of treatment.

    Infermedica’s symptom checker

    This AI-driven symptom checker allows nurses to input patient symptoms and receive a list of potential conditions and recommendations for next steps. The symptom checker AI tool can aid nurses in the assessment of patient complaints, help generate differential diagnoses, and support triage decisions.


    This innovative text-to-speech application is a particularly useful AI tool for nurses when it comes to daily tasks. Think along the lines of converting written documents, research articles and patient reports into spoken words, allowing nurses to give patients their undivided attention to better understand their specific needs. 

    Sensely’s virtual nurse assistant

    This AI-powered chatbot, known affectionately as Molly, engages patients and supports their healthcare needs. Nurses can use this AI tool to monitor and communicate with patients, giving them knowledge, reminders, and important information. “Molly” helps nurses extend their reach and enhance patient engagement outside of traditional care settings.

    Zebra Medical Vision

    As an AI-powered imaging analytics solution, their algorithms can analyze X-rays, CT scans, and mammograms to detect abnormalities and assist diagnosing a variety of conditions. Nurses in radiology departments will gain additional insights from this more accurate and efficient image interpretation AI tool. 

    Artificial intelligence. The relief you need is finally here. 

    Consider any to all of the AI nurse tools, including devices, chatbots, and platforms to give yourself some much-needed and deserved relief. More and more healthcare employers will soon be demanding that nurses recognize the value of AI, so it’s not a bad thing to have on one’s resume, right? Either way, you can clearly see how AI tools in nursing will largely be a benefit to you.  

    You’ll thank yourself for engaging with Artificial Intelligence. Your patients will too.

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