The Freedom Difference

How do we get away with calling ourself the best travel nurse company to work for?

We cannot stress enough the respect you will always receive from us, no matter where you are in your job process or career. At Freedom, you are part of our family! We provide the support you deserve and need at any step of your assignment. Knowing someone is in your corner can make the difference between a great assignment and a bad one.

Whether you are a Travel RN, Traveling Allied Professional, Per Diem RN, or Per Diem Allied Professional, Freedom Healthcare Staffing is your best choice for Temporary Healthcare Agency. We are among the most experienced Management Teams in the healthcare staffing industry. We’re thoroughly experienced in staffing of hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems, and we’re former healthcare executives ourselves!

Being a Travel Nurse with Freedom Healthcare Staffing has been nothing short of amazing. I attempted working with several other agencies before stumbling upon Freedom. The other agencies would call and harass me into taking assignments that I was not sure I wanted yet. Freedom never called and harassed me- they never pressured me into taking assignments. They wanted to make sure I got what I wanted when I wanted.



I'm a fairly new travel nurse who has already run into some bumps. Freedom Healthcare staffing has gone the extra mile to help me, make me feel safe and secure. They have the personal touch- they know who I am when I call and even checked on me when I made the mistake of working for a different company. You cannot go wrong with these wonderful people. They're the best. Thank you all at Freedom.



I have been traveling for 10 years, all assignments with Freedom Healthcare, except my first one. My housing has always been safe, which is a big concern for me. Pay is always on time which is a big concern for all. I have never gone longer than I wanted to without a job. My recruiter is right on it for jobs available. I honestly can't say a bad word about Freedom Healthcare.



I have been nothing but happy with my interactions with Freedom for the last 3 years. My recruiter has been a pleasure to work with. She is honest and hard working. The company pays well and always on time. I have always felt well taken care of by Freedom. I highly recommend them to anyone that is thinking of traveling or for those looking for a new company.



I can honestly say, that Freedom Healthcare Staffing is a company that supports and cares about their nurses. I love the competitive pay packages that Freedom offers and the fact that I can reach my recruiter anytime I need assistance.



I have been working with Freedom for about a year now and can't say enough good things about them. I have been travel nursing for over 8 years and this company has been outstanding. Not only are they friendly and warm but the degree of professionalism is far above the competition. They are, without a doubt, the best agency I have ever worked with.



no drama sign

“No Drama” Zone

By choosing Freedom Healthcare Staffing, you are choosing to work with experienced healthcare staffing professionals who will do everything they can to make sure you have a pleasant traveling experience doing the job that you love. Our “no-drama” approach means we support you when you’re frustrated during an assignment, it means we offer a fair and balanced voice of reason when you’re struggling in your career, it means we only bring on nurses who want to escape the drama and find freedom in their career. If you’ve read this far, that probably means you.