The Freedom Healthcare Staffing team wants to serve as the nurse community’s top advocate for getting jobs in cities and facilities you thought were only dreams. As though saving lives and thinking about packing for you and your furry babes wasn’t enough, making sure your travel nurse resume is finely polished is a worry we’re sure not many are concerned about.

     We’re here to make it easy for you by telling you the top resume details that raise our eyebrows when reviewing nursing resumes. Update your resume with these 5 critical elements:

    Include Professional Nursing Affiliations

    There is a deep, ongoing list of professional affiliations for nurses out there definitely worth noting. Along with the name of the affiliation, don’t forget to include the date of admission, offices held and a two-sentence description of the role you represent and your reasoning for choosing this group. This gives employers a further idea of what kind of organizations, missions and values you have outside of your practice, which can say a lot about who you are as a person and caregiver.
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    Highlight Special Nursing Assignments & Medical Awards

    Job seekers teeter with specifics on what’s noteworthy and what can completely be hacked. Any special recognition for things you’ve done in and out of work is worth mentioning. For example, if you’ve been volunteering at your favorite shelter for years and received an award, write it down. Same goes for recognition for being awesome for something from nursing school, in any social clubs and those previously mentioned medical professional affiliations, let it shine bright. These extra efforts show you’re a go-getter and have a passion for your nursing career and community building.

    The Legals Up Front

    This section is highly recommended across many nurse and medical recruiters. Include your:
    ●      License type (LPN, RN, NP, CRNA, etc.)
    ●      Licensing state
    ●      Name on license (if different from the resume)
    ●      License number
    ●      If your license is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, here is where that is mentioned
    Nurses are often weary to fully disclose their license on a resume as a concern of privacy. If a recruiter needs a specific licensed nurse to fill a position, they can obtain this information from the Board of Nursing by each state. The less research the recruiter has to do, the better.
    Licensing information should be closer to the top, if not the first section mentioned so recruiters know they’re looking at the right person for the job description.

    When Will You Be Available to Take a Nursing Job?

    Nursing never has and never will be a position that works a strict 9-5 shift. This makes giving time availability and preferred working hours a worthy component. Maybe you prefer working night shifts and the recruiter has an unlisted position that would be great for your preferred hours and listed qualifications.
    Even if the position you’re applying for lists specific shifts and lengths, include yours, you never know what could be waiting for you!

    Noteable Duties

    Nothing is broader than writing “patient care” on a nursing resume. While nurses have hundreds of duties in their daily work, there are duties that are more specific that should be included on your traveling nurse resume. Since these are your tasks you perform on a daily basis, you might not know the impact some of them could be on a resume. Here are a few noteworthy ones to mentions:
    ●      Number of beds
    ●      Do you start IVs?
    ●      List all industry-wide protocols & processes in which you’re familiar
    ●      What equipment are you fully comfortable with using?
    ●      What age range of patients are you most familiar with?
    ●      Are the majority of your patients: renal, cardiovascular, neuro, ortho, rehab?
    ●      Do you administer medications and which ones?
    All of these say far more than the regular “patient care” skill many nurses are still putting on their resume.
    Place yourself in the highest seat for possibilities when searching for your next traveling nurse assignment. These specifications on your resume will open up opportunities you never thought were possible. Share these tips with your travel nursing community to spread the joy that is being a traveling caregiver.
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