Though the benefits of being one of the many traveling nurses are many, there’s no doubt it isn’t for everyone. If you’ve made this profession your career, we have news for you: you are a hero.Sorry to get a little sappy, but as an experienced traveling nurse, you do things so many can’t and in a way that might have even the most trained medical professional sweating. We have many reasons to think this, but we’ve narrowed it down to 7 so you can easily remember why you’re awesome on a particularly hard day. First day printable blog CTA [bctt tweet="7 reasons we want to thank our #travelnurses for being unsung heroes:" username="freedomhcs"]

    1. You’re adaptable.

    In general, nurses have to be adaptable. No day or patient is predictable, no matter how many years you’ve been working in the field. You’ve probably gotten pretty great at anticipating the needs of your patients, but even the patients you feel you’ve got figured out will find a way to surprise you. In the life of a traveling nurse, that adaptability is magnified. On top of balancing the day to day differences, changing facilities and coworkers every few months takes adapting to a whole new level.

    2. You’ve got unmatchable confidence.

    You may not always feel like the best and brightest in the room, but as a traveling nurse, you have an innate ability to see each new assignment as a new adventure to conquer. You’re ready to surprise yourself and those around you with experience and prowess. What some might fear, you take as a challenge. Navigating a new city, learning new favorite restaurants, grasping new facility rules and learning new names are all in an average day for a traveling nurse.

    3. You have a heart of gold.

    Traveling healthcare professionals have an enormous amount of compassion for others. All who choose careers in the health industry share a passion for helping people, but becoming a traveling nurse means caring for people all over the nation and from every walk of life. Plus, you answer the call when no one else can or when circumstances are less than favorable. Long shifts of being on the move are intense, but the idea that you’ve helped a community drives you forward.

    4. You’re cultured.

    Communication is so important in the field of medicine. Every day, nursing staff have to speak with doctors, patients, the family of patients and other nurses. Sometimes those conversations are lighthearted and fun while other times they’re serious and heartbreaking. A seasoned medical traveler is great at acclimating to different locations and the various cultures that come with them, which helps them relate to many patients and navigate the tough conversations with tact.

    5. You come to the rescue of rescuers.

    Collectively, the mission of all of our clients is to help people at all times and through any means necessary. In order to do that, they need teams of experienced people standing behind them. Of course, “emergency” means every day is unpredictable and these facilities need backup. When seasons change or staffing needs arise, in steps the experienced traveling nurses of the world. Becoming a traveling nurse means answering the call when all other heroes are tied up.

    6. You’re a driven expert.

    Bouncing from hospital to hospital or facility to facility takes a level of understanding that only comes after spending ample time working within the medical field. The career of a traveling nurse generally comes after honing your skills within a hospital setting for a few years. Travel nurses are always learning and pushing their knowledge, but they aren’t refining basic skills. They’ve got those down pat and are merely adding to their knowledge base. Additionally, many misread travelers, believing they don’t want routine or haven’t decided what it is they are looking for in a career, when in fact successful traveling nurses are mature, confident in their expertise and have crystal clear direction.

    7. You take balance wherever you go.

    People who work as traveling nurses have an unparalleled sense of balance. As a traveling nurse, you are an adventurer with a sense of wonderment that can’t be taught, but continue to hold tight to procedure and guidelines. Your bold curiosity has you always thinking of new ways to solve old problems all while maintaining regulatory protocol. While many might be overwhelmed with a career like this, you know how to offset stress with relaxation and enjoy your always changing landscape. When times do get tough, you know how to rise above the nursing drama and do your best work. This list doesn’t even begin to cover all the amazing traits and qualities of a traveling nurse. The team at Freedom Healthcare Staffing wants to thank the talented medical professionals we’ve had the privilege of meeting on our journey. Are you a medical professional who embodies our list? Start your new adventure by applying to be a traveling nurse! Do you have a story to share with us? Send an email to Susan Whitman, our Executive Vice President, and your post could appear on our blog!

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