Our direct client relationships often allow us to bypass third parties to bring you rapid response assignments with salaries 20-50% higher than average! And weekly direct deposit means you never have to worry about being paid on time. Some of our nurses have even retired, receive their pension, work for us part time, and still make more than they made working full-time.

Receive top dollar for your services—on time and straight into your account.

Full Benefits
Our amazing compensation doesn’t stop there. Enjoy full benefits, a great referral program, and other advantages! It’s important to us that you feel secure in your life. Leaving home behind for months at a time to live and work in a new environment can be challenging, and we want to do all we can to make those challenges disappear.


Freedom to Do You
If you want to take a break from our higher-paying rapid response jobs to visit a specific destination, whether for family or fun, just let your recruiter know what you want, and they’ll get to work for you. And while some of our nurses move from job to job, with contracts ranging from 4-13 weeks, many more take their time to recover before taking on another travel assignment.

For ideas on what to spend your hard-earned money on, from comfortable shoes to lunchboxes, check out our travel nursing resources.

Experience the best that travel nursing has to offer.

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