Our high-paying travel nurse salaries are one of the pros of travel nursing with Freedom, but it’s just as important to us that you feel secure in your life. Leaving home behind for months at a time to live and work in a new environment offers challenges as well as rewards.

Our full benefits* were designed to remove the challenges of travel nursing.


Benefits Package

We offer health, dental and vision plans, with nationwide coverage, to every travel nurse and allied professional. We also offer full life insurance plans. You worry about your patients’ health all day. Let us worry about yours. (Benefits start on the 1st of the month following your date of hire.)


High Salaries

Our direct client relationships allow us to bypass third parties to bring you rapid response assignments with salaries 20-50% higher than average! And weekly direct deposit means you never have to worry about being paid on time.


Dedicated Recruiter

Your one-on-one contact is on your side every step of the way, getting everything set up for your next assignment and continuing to check in to see how else they can help. Think of them as the champion of your best interests.


Private Housing

Finding a home away from home at your next assignment is just one of the ways we work to make you feel welcome on arrival. We offer carefully selected private housing for your stay, or a housing stipend if you prefer.


Paid Transportation

Travel with peace of mind knowing transportation to and from your assignment is booked and covered. And if you have any travel preferences—from aisle seats to direct flights—we will work to meet them.


Licensing and Certification

Licensing and certification for travelers is a hassle, but we want to ensure you can travel to work where the best jobs are. We will assist any way we can with the process and offer reimbursement for new licenses.

* These benefits may vary slightly due to the nuances of certain assignments, but in most cases they will hold true. Bottomline, we are here to make things easy.

Experience the best that travel nursing has to offer.

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