As travel nurses, you spend a considerable amount of time on the road. Those hours can be quite lonely if you don’t have anything to accompany you. Podcasts are great ways to keep yourself entertained while learning something new. 

    There are countless podcasts out there that are made especially for nurses and travel nurses. Topics range from stories in hospital rooms to current healthcare updates. No matter your interests, you can be sure to find a podcast that resonates with you. 

    1. Travel Nurse Insiders 

    Hosted by Mark Holloway, Travel Nurse Insiders brings you insights and advice from travel nursing experts. It will also keep you informed about the latest issues that travel nurses may face in the field. 

    1. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

    With a mix of lighthearted jokes and thought-provoking comments, Good Nurse Bad Nurse educates nurses using true crime stories and current issues. The purpose is to use relevant examples to keep current and future nurses aware of current medical practices and mishaps. 

    1. The Happy Traveler

    Started in 2019, The Happy Traveler podcast covers the most current topics in travel nursing and healthcare. If you’re a beginning travel nurse or veteran, there are plenty of topics covered to keep you engaged.

    1. Cardium

    The Cardium podcast is made for traveling healthcare professionals, including nurses and Allied professionals. With funny and heartwarming stories from traveling healthcare workers, the podcast aims to inspire current and future nurses and allied professionals to create an everlasting impact on the industry. 

    1. The Nurse Keith Show 

    Keith Carlson is a board-certified career coach and nurse. In each episode, nurse Keith helps you explore various topics, like career advancement, public health updates, social justice, and personal growth. Using interviews with industry experts, The Nurse Keith Show hopes to help you make the most of your nursing career. 

    1. WoMed

    WoMed is a space dedicated to celebrating all women in medicine. Hostes Danielle Maltby and Jackie Camardo are veteran nurses and in each episode, they share stories and news updates in the industry. They also discuss self-care, mental health, and critical issues facing nurses and healthcare professionals. If you’re looking for humor and facts, this is the podcast for you. 

    1. NurseSpeak

    Who understands nurses more than nurses? NurseSpeak is where nurses can share their stories with the world. These stories are inspiring, heart-warming, and relatable for nurses everywhere. The podcast also encourages listeners to send in their own story, creating its own community. 

    1. Healthcare Happy Hour

    Every week, Healthcare Happy Hour provides listeners with bitesize information about the latest news in the healthcare industry. Topics range from politics, policies and innovations. This is the perfect podcast for you to stay up to date with everything about healthcare. 

    1. Behind the Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience

    Why not take a road trip with other travel nurses? Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience is a podcast where travel nurses share their own experiences on the road and at their assignments. With the goal of entertaining and creating a community, this podcast shows the dedication of nurses everywhere. 

    1. The Truth About Travel Nursing Podcast

    If you’re thinking about becoming a travel nurse, you might have a lot of questions about it. The Truth About Travel Nursing podcast aims to answer all of these questions and make the experience as straightforward as possible. It will also keep you updated with the latest news in the healthcare industry. 

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