RN | Specialty: CCU| Location: Upstate NY

    RN | Specialty: ICU| Location: Upstate NY

    RN | Specialty: MS/Tele| Location: Upstate NY

    Upstate New York, basically all of the state north and west of New York City, encompasses abundant sights and activities any time of the year. From the Hudson Valley to the Finger Lakes to the mighty Niagara Falls, you’ll find many attractions easily accessible by rail or car.

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    RN | Specialty: ICU| Location: Maine

    RN | Specialty: MS/Tele | Location: Maine

    RN | Specialty: PCU| Location: Maine

    There’s more to Maine than lobsters! If you’re looking for a friendly, walkable city with easy access to cultural, outdoor, historical, and dining experiences, you’ll love this midsize metropolis. It’s not that far from lobster land, either. 

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