In every workplace, forming strong working relationships with others is an essential part of success on the job. That may be especially true for travel nurses, whose relatively short-term assignments require the ability to interact harmoniously with a wide variety of people and personalities — often in stressful conditions.

    We’ve compiled a few quizzes, some as continuing education (without the formal CEU credit) and others just for fun. For more details on each quiz, keep reading.

    Whichever ones you choose, we hope you glean insights into how your personal communication style helps you build trust and confidence among those you work with and those you strive to help and heal.

    1. Professionalism and Relationships

    If you view quiz-taking as a quasi-academic exercise, give Quiz+ a try. Its study set on interpersonal relationships in nursing offers 29 free multiple-choice quizzes covering clinical communication styles, ethics and critical thinking, intercultural communication, and many more relevant topics. Only downside: when displaying the questions, you have to scroll down carefully to avoid revealing the answer before you’ve answered the question (presumably the $40/month paid version doesn’t have this drawback). offers a series of 100 free true/false and multiple-choice quizzes on nursing professionalism, covering nursing ethics, professional boundaries, professional practice, and spiritual/cultural assessments. This site also has over 13,000 questions on nursing topics ranging from medical and nursing terminology to information management (formerly known as paperwork), with tons of relevant nursing, disease, diagnostic, and other topics in between. This fact-filled site could also be a fun party game with your nursing colleagues to see who can score the most points.

    2. Nurse-Patient Relationships

    Here’s a quiz from ProProfs, specifically directed to the nurse-patient relationship. It presents a number of realistic patient scenarios that require introspection and insight to select the sometimes nuanced answer. The neat thing about this quiz is the opportunity to review and reconsider your incorrect answers. Press the Start button on the landing page to take the quiz online.

    3. Other Related Quizzes

    How’s your relationship with coworkers? This quiz from asks a series of occasionally tongue-in-cheek questions to help you find out. And because your relationship with yourself is just as important as your relationship with others, this personal satisfaction quiz from Greater Good magazine at UC Berkeley uses a five-point scale to help you reflect on your level of happiness on the job and offers useful suggestions and observations based on your responses.


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