Trains, planes, long layovers and lonely nights on a campsite all call for a meaty book. When you’re traveling for your next nursing assignment, bring along a good, inspiring (or informative) book that caters to your lifestyle. As much as you love traveling and being a nurse, it can be tiring and having a pick-me-up always handy in your bag is a great escape. Take a look at this year’s traveler’s reading digest for all your traveling assignments this year.

    The English Patient

    Perhaps the first two guides provided above are nothing new to you and you’re looking for a more thrilling read. The English Patient takes place in WWII and a definite favorite among nurses. Nurse Hana, exhausted by death, passionately tending to her final patient in WWII whose memory is too weak to remember even his own name. As the story evolves, Almasy, the English Patient, is under Hana’s close care after she lost her own father to the flames of war. Hana continues to care for the English Patient as she would her lost father.
    If you’re not afraid of a good tear jerker, Amazon has copies for your next trip.
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    The Comfort Garden

    Laurie Barkin, RN, MS, writes “Book of the Year” according to the American Journal of Nursing about her graphic experiences working the Trauma Unit in the San Francisco General Hospital. Barkin shares real hospital trauma stories and how she works with families coping with their wounded loved ones. Whether you work in trauma or not, being a nurse will always present unexpected events and quick problem solving. The touching stories of Laurie and her team are inspiring for anyone regularly exposed to tragedy.
    See what you can learn from Laurie’s therapeutic touch to get these patients and families into a quick recovery.

    I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse

    Nothing says “pick-me-up” like reading the hard and true stories of someone going through the same struggles as you. Authors like Lee Gutkind have a way of giving traveling nurses like us the special pat on the back when you need it most. When as much as you know you belong in this position, you question how you keep pushing. This book is a collection of true stories displaying a diversity of nurses sharing their experiences as a nurse and how they kept going.
    Get connected with other nurses out there, fighting for their passion jobs every day, just like you.


    Another WWII thriller, Outlander is about a British army nurse and wife, Claire Randall. This romance not only plays with historical fiction, but time travel, making the romance between Claire and her husband rather complicated when she lands in the mid-1800s, falling in love with Jamie, the strapping young Scottish fugitive of the British army.
    Get caught up in this sci-fi love circle on your next traveling assignment. 

    My Name is Mary Sutter

    A true feminine-power read, this novel covers the story of a midwife seeking to achieve her dreams to become a surgeon in the Civil War times. From New York to Washington D.C., Mary Sutter travels to pursue her dreams under the guidance of two seasoned surgeons, William Stipp and James Blevens- who later both fall in love with Ms. Sutter’s drive to beat prejudices of women in the field of medicine.
    Fight through this powerful atmosphere with Mary Sutter on your next assignment.

    No Other Medicine

    This novel was written by the genius and ever-so-strong Gail Hallas, RN PhD. Perhaps not for the beginners looking to enter the industry, Hallas writes about her experiences with an inside view of the corruption of hospitals through the creation of fictional characters. Hallas shares the stories of three “unlikely heroes” in corporate health in their journeys to prevent future tragedies in their units and save patients from disfiguration.
    Join Hallas as she shares the scary truths and journeys behind the curtains of healthcare.
    Whether you’re looking for a good cry, a feeling of empowerment or some new tips to help you through the complicated travels, these 6 books will surely capture your attention.
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