Rapid Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Taking A Consultative Approach

Our management team, drawing on decades of healthcare staffing experience, will work closely with you to develop the unique solution best-suited to your needs.

  • Have a desire to fast track new services to generate revenue? Or need the help of an experienced hospital executive team to manage rising costs? We’re not here just for skilled staffing shortages.
  • We can promise rapid deployment to your facility when you experience short-notice changes in staffing or demand. Or we can begin planning months in advance for seasonal changes in demand.
  • We offer flexible contracts, starting at a minimum of four weeks. And if you discover you need to extend a contract—demand remains high or you love their work (not uncommon given the quality of nurses and paraprofessionals we place)—we will make it work.

Our approach has built many long-term partnerships and earned us a reputation for being a joy to work with.

Placing High-Quality, Experienced Medical Professionals

Healthcare staffing solutions are only as good as the staff that is placed. We understand it is mission-critical that you can trust our nurses and paraprofessionals to seamlessly step in to continue providing exceptional care.

For this reason, we hire only highly motivated and clinically sound professionals. Most of our recruits have been working in the healthcare sector for decades and receive glowing recommendations. As well, we have put a concerted focus on recruiting difficult-to-find specialists to ensure our clients get what they need.

Who We Can Place

  • RNs, LPNs, CNAs.
  • Hard-to-fill specialties, like ICU / PICU / NICU, Cath Lab, Labor and Delivery, Oncology / Pediatric Oncology.
  • Imaging, respiratory, therapy professionals.

Reducing Nurse Burnout

Reducing nurse burnout is one of our priorities as a company. While providing temporary staffing to meet demand helps our clients and their staff, we go a step beyond:

  • Traveling to a new nursing assignment could add more stress to an already stressful job. We avoid this by handling all travel and housing arrangements, so our staff can focus on preparing for each assignment.
  • We train our nurses on how to deal with the stresses of their job, as well as how they can contribute to creating a more positive and productive work environment.
  • Any of our nurses that do need help can turn to our staff to receive the support they need. This ensures they don’t take support resources away from your full-time staff.
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