Company provides specialized personnel to local and state governments needing to respond to the coronavirus crisis

DENVER (August 25, 2020) ─ As public health departments and associated government agencies struggle to protect their communities and respond to the ever-changing demands of COVID-19, Freedom Healthcare Staffing (Freedom) has stepped into the breach by providing specialized nurses, allied professionals and clinical practitioners to help agencies across the United States.

A rapid-response healthcare staffing agency licensed in all 50 states, Freedom is experienced in working with government agencies and can provide a wide range of specialized COVID-19-prepared staff, including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, LPNs, CNAs, epidemiologists, contact tracers, and case managers to states, agencies, and local governments. Early in the crisis, Freedom was selected to work with the State of Colorado in support of the state’s successful comprehensive initiative to contain the coronavirus.

“We understand the need to quickly provide state and local governments healthcare professionals who can help them combat further spread of the disease,” said Eric Broder, CEO of Freedom Healthcare. “Our highly trained medical professionals can complement an agency’s mission to confront public health crises. We maintain a robust database of healthcare professionals to assist and consult with on staffing ACS facilities or COVID-19 testing and participate in epidemiological studies.”

Freedom has worked with governments in responding to occupational health and environmental challenges and can deploy its highly educated professionals to help organizations undertake time sensitive analyses, data projects, contact tracing, COVID-19 testing, and other critical projects needed to contain infection and disease.

Freedom knows how to work effectively with government entities and what provisions are required to quickly execute a contract when time is of the essence.

For more information about how Freedom can support public health and other government agencies, please contact Freedom Healthcare at 866-463-0385 or visit


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