We can offer you travel jobs from Maine to Hawaii, or you can opt for one of our higher-paying, shorter-commitment rapid response jobs. Just let your recruiter know what you want, and they’ll get to work for you.

See the best of the United States as well as its hidden gems.

Travel Job Options
If there are specific destinations you want to visit, whether for family or fun, our recruiters will keep a close eye out for relevant travel postings. But most of our nurses opt for our direct rapid response assignments. Although the destinations may not seem as attractive as Hawaii, these hidden gems are higher paying, have shorter commitments, and still offer a rich and rewarding experience.


Travel and Housing Covered
Travel with peace of mind knowing transportation to and from your assignment is booked and covered, as is your new home away from home. We offer carefully selected private housing for your stay, or housing stipends if you prefer. And if you have any travel preferences—from aisle seats to direct flights—we will work to meet them.

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