We work hard to develop direct relationships with hospitals and healthcare facilities to bring you these rapid response travel jobs. With high pay, quick turnarounds (as little as 10 days from the initial request), and shorter commitments, most nurses consider these the ideal travel jobs.

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First-Class Compensation
Because of our direct client relationships, we can bring you premium rapid response jobs unavailable to our competitors. These hospitals are also willing to pay a premium for both your rapid deployment and your expertise. Add it all up and we’re talking rates 20-50% higher than average! Our compensation includes full benefits, a great referral program, and other advantages!


Travel and Housing Covered
Because rapid response assignments can start so quickly after the initial request, we help our travel nurses get to their destination and settle in. Travel with the peace of mind that your new home away from home is ready and paid for, as is the transportation to and from your assignment. We offer carefully selected private housing for your stay, or housing stipends if you prefer. And if you have any travel preferences—from aisle seats to direct flights—we will work to meet them.

For tips on how to quickly get ready for a rapid response assignment, check out our travel nursing resources.

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