Referral Rewards

Refer a Nurse

Nurses work hard, save lives and stick together. That’s why we created one of the best referral programs in the business. Prestigious facilities and hospitals, great pay and benefits, trusted and experienced team members….why wouldn’t you want your fellow nurses to share the benefits of travel nursing from the family we’ve created here at Freedom?

With our Referral Rewards program, you earn any time the professionals you refer, or even the ones they refer, work for us for up to two years– even if you’re not working a traveling nurse job at the time.

When any professional you refer goes to work for us on a travel assignment, you will earn $0.40 for each hour they work for up to 24 months from the time of their original application. That can be over $1500!

If your referrals refer someone else who takes a travel assignment with us, you’ll also earn $0.20 for each hour they work – again for up to 24 months from their original application.

But your earnings don’t stop there… for each additional referral gained through your initial referrals and their referrals, you’ll also receive $0.10 per hour for 24 months for the hours those professionals work.

There is no limit to the number of professionals you refer to us and no limit to the amount of additional money you can earn through this program. And because our nurses tend to stay with Freedom (because we’re a family and families stick together), you can feel great knowing you’ve helped a fellow lifesaver find their career destination. So, contact us today and get involved in the program!

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