Travel Nursing Jobs

You’re in high demand. But you already knew that, didn’t you? At Freedom Healthcare Staffing, we treat your specialized skills as the valuable service they are! From Ortho to the NICU, find the perfect travel nursing jobs based on your specialty or on the next location you’re looking to explore.

Find Travel Nursing Jobs

Every nurse is different and we know your life can change…fast. That’s why Freedom offers rapid contracts for as little as 4-weeks, but also offers traditional 8 to 13-week nursing contracts. You have an amazing opportunity to travel around the U.S. doing what you love to do. Whether you want a long-term assignment or a working vacation for a month or two, find your next position with our travel nurse jobs portal.


Want to know why Freedom is the right fit for you? We offer all the great benefits of travel nursing through one helpful organization. Enjoy our employee referral program, traveling with pets, and much more! Are you interested yet? Take a look at our open positions and let our healthcare staffing professionals take care of you today!