Company seeks to meet growing demand for nurse practitioners and physician assistants

DENVER (Jan. 14, 2020) ─ Freedom Healthcare Staffing (Freedom), a rapid response healthcare staffing agency that provides experienced, high-quality nurses, allied professionals and clinical practitioners, announced today the expansion of its offerings to include advance practice recruitment. With the addition of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, Freedom will fill a growing demand to provide essential staffing for hospitals and clinics, including urgent care and retail clinics.

“Since 2005, Freedom has established a proven business model to meet nurse and allied staffing demands. Our ability to quickly provide premium care for short- or long-term assignments made our entry into advance practice recruitment a natural fit,” said Todd Wecker, Freedom’s vice president of sales and recruiting.

In addition to targeting staffing at hospitals, Freedom plans to address a growing demand for non-hospital settings such as physician practices, pharmacy clinics and urgent care facilities. Non-hospital medical settings are a vital part of the overall continuum of care, with approximately 89 million patient visits each year and an $18 billion segment of the industry today. The number of retail-based clinics has climbed rapidly since its inception. This increase is not expected to slow down as need for urgent care centers is fueled by convenience, cost control and the rise of patients without a primary care physician.

“The environments in which people seek healthcare is quickly changing and there are simply not enough workers in the medical field who want permanent positions to meet clinic and urgent care facility needs,” said Susan Whitman, co-founder and COO of Freedom Healthcare Staffing. “We understand that the gig economy is here to stay, and we will continue to stress our industry leading salaries, flexibility and personalized schedules.”

For more information about staffing advance practice providers, please contact Freedom Healthcare at 866-463-0385.

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