It takes a certain kind of person to thrive as a travel nurse, especially in these times of unprecedented challenge and uncertainty. Superb professional training and outstanding clinical skills are a given, but what personal attributes make a person likely to succeed in travel nursing where others may struggle and ultimately decide travel nursing is not for them?

    Here are a few of the many characteristics we look for in nurses who become part of the Freedom Healthcare team. In no particular order:

    Communication and active listening —clearly, respectfully, and persuasively articulates one’s message in work and personal settings; listens to others’ points of view and demonstrates understanding; comes to agreement or compromise positively, without anger or resentment.

    Flexibility and adaptability — loves to travel (obviously); open to new experiences, places, and people; comfortable with change and able to switch gears smoothly as situations demand; quickly masters new protocols and equipment; displays curiosity about the world, is sensitive to and appreciative of different cultures; blends in seamlessly in each new environment.

    Empathy and compassion — aware of and understands one’s own strengths and weaknesses and how they affect others; relates to patients, families, and coworkers with understanding, sympathy, and tolerance; feels, demonstrates, and expresses genuine caring for their patients and families; in stressful situations, maintains equanimity and responds calmly to challenges.

    Emotional strength and stability — unflappable under pressure; maintains emotional control and sense of humor (as appropriate) in difficult or chaotic situations.

    Integrity and reliability — maintains high standards of ethics and morality; performs duties with high levels of proficiency; keeps one’s word and fulfills promises.

    Leadership and teamwork — works well with a variety of personalities at all levels of the hospital; instinctively understands when to take the lead and when to follow; inspires others with encouraging and supportive attitude; knows when to speak up respectfully but firmly to point out errors or missteps that could affect a patient’s well-being.

    Resilience and endurance — maintains a healthy emotional state to sustain self, coworkers, and patients in difficult situations; maintains physical health to carry on through long hours, fatigue, and emotional stress.

    Independence and self-reliance — quickly masters essential aspects of each new assignment, takes initiative in learning new procedures and equipment; sees what needs to be done and finds a way to accomplish it.

    If all or most of these sound like you, we should talk! Please call 866-463-0385 and ask for Leesa-Lee Keith.

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