If you found yourself in a plane or on the road over this just-past holiday season, you probably contended with hassles that fazed even a seasoned traveler like you, a take-it-all-in-stride travel nurse. But travel nurses are both realistic and resilient, and in the months to come you will probably find yourself once again in travel mode. We can’t promise your next journey will be stress-free, but we can suggest some products that will go a long way toward making your trip more pleasant. Here are five you might find intriguing:

    1. World’s Best Travel Jacket” — This microfiber travel jacket features 25 ingenious pockets and niches to stash earbuds and electronics, passport, wallet, and more: a blow-up pocket footrest, blanket, quick-inflate neck pillow, light-blocking sleeping hood, and so much more. This jacket is truly the Swiss Army knife of travel apparel.
    2. Compression socks— Even legs without circulatory issues appreciate a comfy compression sock, especially on long flights. And with many colors and styles to choose from, you’ll look fashionable, not frumpy.  
    3. Collapsible water bottle— Tuck this collapsible silicone bottle into one of the many pockets of your travel jacket (like the one above?) to fill with water or another cold or hot beverage once you’ve cleared TSA. At 20 oz, it holds more than enough to quench your thirst throughout a typical flight.
    4. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags— Wouldn’t it be great to fit more into your carryon? With these vacuum storage bags, you can compress soft items into a fraction of their usual space, and the included vacuum pump makes short work of preparing clothes for packing.
    5. Mini iron and steamer— This tiny but mighty iron and steamer fits easily into a corner of your bag so you can smooth out any wrinkles your vacuum-packed clothes may have acquired on the trip. (Great for ordinary packed clothing, too.)

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