You’ve probably made a few bucket lists in your life. Bucket lists are meant for you to try new things and those experiences can help you grow as an individual and healthcare professional. But working as travel nurse, it might be hard for you to carve out time to venture out.

    At Freedom Healthcare Staffing, we understand that it might be challenging to strike that work-life balance, so we’ve created a bucket list specifically for travelers to make the most of their assignments!

    Attend a Professional Sporting Event

    There’s no shortage of sporting events no matter where your assignment is. You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy a good game. Sporting events are a great way to socialize and network. This is especially helpful for travelers to make friends during their short time on assignment. Rooting for (or against) a team can bring people together, and what better way to do it than over a classic sideline hotdog.

    Visit Museums

    Like sporting events, museums and attractions are abundant in every city. Museums can help you learn a little about the history of the places you’re visiting. Whether you enjoy art, nature and science, or even wax figures, museums showcase the best of what each city has to offer. Some museums might also have special exhibits about a variety of subjects you might not get to see anywhere else, like current technological research, arts from around the world, pop culture, etc.

    Go Treasure Hunting at a Flea Market

    Flea markets are more than just a place for bargain shopping. With an assortment of shops, you can find unique, one-of-a-kind items that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Items you find can make great gifts for family and friends or personal keepsakes to commemorate your time in each location. Aside from shopping, you can also taste local delicacies from a variety of food vendors. Some flea markets even have live music and attractions to keep you entertained. Flea markets have everything to offer no matter where your interest lies.

    Eat at a Diner or Restaurant Featured on TV

    At some point in your life, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to eat at a famous restaurant from your favorite TV shows. While the Central Perk cafe from “Friends” only exists on a production set, there are so many other real restaurants that you can visit. If you’re in New York, check out Café Lalo from “You’ve Got Mail.” If you’re in Los Angeles, get a donut from Randy’s Donuts from “Iron Man 2.” In the mood for something fancier? Perhaps the city you are in has a Hell’s Kitchen location and you can try one of Gordon Ramsey’s famous dishes. The point is, no matter where you are, you can be sure to find a famous spot.

    Enjoy a Day-Hike

    Taking care of your physical and mental health can boost your performance while on assignment. Depending on your location, a hike in nature might bring excitement to your day off. Nothing is better than getting some fresh air with a nice view after a stressful week. Not to mention, being in the sun has a ton of health benefits like Vitamin D absorption, which is also known as the “happy vitamin.” A hike is also a great way to make new friends or build a stronger bond with coworkers. If you can conquer a mountain together, you can tackle any stressful shift. Use the AllTrails app to find the perfect hike, no matter where you are.

    Travel by RV

    Have some spare time before your next assignment? Rather than traveling by plane, considering traveling by RV and enjoy the journey, not just the destination. A major benefit of using an RV is bringing the comfort of home on the road. You won’t have to worry about finding accommodations and the hassle of going from one hotel to another. RVs also provide flexibility with travel that flights can’t. For example, you might want to stop by a roadside attraction to take pictures or make a detour to visit family and friends along the way. It’s also the best way to travel if you want to take your pet with you on different assignments.

    Whatever you decide on doing, we hope it brings you joy and excitement. Step outside of your comfort zone because you never know where you’ll end up and what you’ll learn along the way.

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