Though we know travel nursing comes with an array of unique perks (traveling around the country, great benefits, flexibility, etc.), it’s no secret that it’s also a major benefit to the hospitals you serve. Hospitals and their executive teams know that you’ll be there to provide high-quality care and services—not only for their patients, but also for their full-time staff.

    Truth be told, a full list of reasons why hospitals love travel nurses would be endless—but for the top reasons why they do, keep reading!

    High-Quality Care for Patients

    Because travel nurses are experienced in assisting hospitals, sometimes in dire circumstances, they’re specifically trained to rapidly bring their skills and clinical expertise to fill the void. This is critical for hospitals that put its patients at the focus of their mission. The use of travel nurses is a strategic way to maintain nurse-to-patient staffing ratios so that the facility can continue to provide high-quality care for high levels of patient satisfaction.

    Breadth of Experience to Share

    Travel nurses have a breadth of experience to each assignment, from working across the country at a range of facilities. Hiring travel nurses brings those experiences in-house to share with your permanent staff. Thus, even after their contract ends, travel nurses can leave a lasting mark on how a facility delivers patient care.

    Flexibility for Full-Time Staff

    Even with a hospital’s most reliable staff, things happen, whether it be personal emergencies, maternity and paternity leave, or sickness. When hospitals let permanent staff know that temporary staffing is an option when they need time off, hospitals show that they value their wellbeing, increasing retention.

    Hospitals also value travel nurses because it provides them flexibility with hiring. Good things shouldn’t be rushed, especially when it comes to finding the best fit for those vacant roles that may be harder to fill. With travel nurses, hospitals can take the time they need to find the full-time professional that checks all of the desired boxes.

    Cost-Effective Solution

    As a travel staffing agency, Freedom provides top-notch employee benefits and accommodations directly to the healthcare professionals we work with, which means we are positioned to effectively partner with hospital facilities to accommodate their budgetary situation or concerns.

    If you would like more information about travel nursing as a career, or if you’re a hospital facility wanting to learn more about the value in working with our staffing agency, contact us!

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