Let’s face it, nurses are the backbone of every community. They help care for people when they need them most and are critical to facilities they serve. At Freedom Healthcare, we understand the sacrifice, dedication and love that goes into what nurses do every single day – that’s why we want to say ‘Thank You’.

    As a way to express our appreciation, we wanted to showcase some of the areas that we think nurses make the most impact. Take a look:

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    They offer a shoulder to lean on

    Whether their patients are sad, happy or in pain, nurses are always there to listen to their ailments and concerns. They lend an ear and shoulder without a second thought, not only because their training has prepared them for such, but also because they truly worry about their patients and want to support them in every way.

    They have patience for patients

    Any injury or illness can cause a great deal of distress and anxiety for patients and their families. However, that’s the environment where nurses thrive. Nurses know how to read a situation, move past the stress and deliver care so their patients get better, faster. A nurse does not give up on a patient, whether that means they are sternly administering lifesaving advice or gently comforting the ill and their loved ones.

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    They can handle any situation

    If there’s one thing nurses do well, it’s handling a stressful situation. These amazing individuals are trained to cater to any emergency that may come their way. Instead of panicking, nurses take control by going through the step by step procedure of checking the vital signs, calling for medical attention, etc. Nurses prioritize and, most importantly, stay calm in order to provide the type of care needed for every individual. It’s not surprising that we hear story after story of nurses coming to the rescue in emergency situations outside the hospital and off the clock.

    They resonate care and intelligence

    It’s no secret that nurses are smart. After all, many years of medical school, hours dealing with patients and passing NCLEX isn’t easy. However, their intelligence spans far beyond that. Each day, a nurse faces new and unprecedented challenges. No one shift is ever the same as the last or the next. The nurse’s ability to think critically is exactly what helps them survive the rollercoaster.

    Nurses make the impossible happen, and we work hard to showcase our gratitude towards these amazing healthcare professionals. That’s why Freedom is dedicated to providing a new and different experience when it comes to facility assignments and positions. Try out the Freedom difference and apply with us today!

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