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Traveler Tips

6 Must-Reads for the Modern Traveling Nurse

Trains, planes, long layovers and lonely nights on a campsite all call for a meaty book. When you’re traveling for your next nursing assignment, bring along a good, inspiring (or informative) book that caters to your lifestyle. As much as you love traveling and being a nurse, it can be tiring and having a pick-me-up always handy in your bag is a great escape. Take a look at this year’s traveler’s reading digest for all your traveling assignments this year.

Traveler Tips

No-Drama Nursing: Rise Above the Haters

You are a healer, helper, supporter and friend. You find solutions, offer your shoulder and step in when others can’t. You are a nurse, and you care deeply for others and risk your own well-being to see strangers live comfortably. In a room full of other nurses who answered a similar calling, it’s crazy to believe there would be tension, anger or spite. Yet any healthcare professional can probably provide at least a few stories of a time when drama ruined a shift or two. As a professional traveling nurse, where entering a new team or facility is a regular occurrence, mismatched personalities and negative workplace communication can quickly magnify drama.