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The Top 3 Things to Remember as a Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse comes with a lot of perks. You’re able to travel, meet new people and help patients who could get lost in the shuffle during nursing strikes or shortages. You are truly valuable to the patients and hospitals where you spend your time. With these perks come a lot of changes. Whether it be location, staff, patients or processes, you’re always on the move and switching the ways you approach your work.
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Nurse Licensing in Each State: A Guide for Traveling Nurses

Being a travel nurse has its benefits, especially if you have a multi-state nursing license. While it may ease the paperwork for transitions between Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) states, only 29* states are currently participating in the multi-state licensure program. That means there are 21 other states you may have to research when looking at your next travel nursing assignment.
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The Diversity Factor: How Representation Improves Healthcare for All

What does the term “diversity” mean to you? How does it apply to your career as a nurse? As a traveling nurse? So many people talk about how diversity is a complicated topic, but the reality is the perceived complexities surrounding its issues are just that – perceived. Most diversity issues have a straightforward answer, and that’s to treat people like people and give everyone the respect, dignity and representation they deserve. For nursing, it’s no different.
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5 Benefits to Planning for Travel Nurse Assignments Early

Travel nursing can be a very reactive profession. It revolves around need and often is a first come, first serve basis. That is why it is crucial to be efficient with your schedule. Planning for your travel nursing assignments early comes with a number of benefits. On one hand, you have everything you need ready to go. On the other, you have more time to plan and do the things you love!
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Free & Affordable Mental Health Resources for Frequent Travelers

We recently covered depression in nursing on our blog to help reveal some of the statistics about the epidemic of nurse anxiety and depression in our country. Nurses experience clinical depression at twice the rate of the general public, more specifically, depression affects 9% of everyday citizens while 18% of nurses experience symptoms of depression. At Freedom Healthcare Staffing, we work tirelessly to be our nurse’s #1 resource, confidants and support system through this chaotic journey. While we know the job of traveling the nation and heroically caring for patients is incredibly rewarding and freeing, we’re not blind to the fact that it can be downright difficult.

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How to Avoid a Housing Catastrophe on Your Next Travel Assignment


Housing. Why is finding the right place to live still one of the hardest and stressful aspects of a new travel assignment? Is it too hard to ask to have a clean, affordable place close to work? We think not! Sometimes just the right criteria needs to be considered. Read on to learn our tips for avoiding a travel nurse housing catastrophe. Or work with one of our recruiters to ensure all the below are handled for you.