In order for nurses to stay healthy, they need to attend to their own needs with as much care as they offer their patients. However, with a stressful job paired with often unusual work hours, this can be challenging for many nurses. It can all make maintaining healthy habits can be as simple as a choice and as difficult as fighting temptations. With all the distractions that come with being a traveling nurse, we collected the best tips and resources to help you prepare and plan how to care for yourself on the road. Use our infographic with easy self-care tips for travel nurses to help maintain your physical and mental wellness so you can be the best for your patients and yourself:


    Maintaining a healthy intake of nutrients is just as important for you as it is for your patients. Learn how to fight cravings for better alternatives to help fuel a healthier metabolism and energy boost.

    Pet Therapy

    Pets are the best way to fight stress – they keep you company, get you active and always shower you with love and affection when you come home from a long day. See how pets improve for your mental and physical health!

    Mental Health Resources

    Mental health is just as important as nutrition. Sometimes we forget that relieving mental stress is just like muscle tension – it needs to be worked through and rooted out in order to help the body heal and recover. Learn how to practice healthy habits and unwind all the stress build up in your mind.

    Sleep Schedule

    Weird work hours and inconsistent schedules can flip the table on your sleeping patterns. Learn how to adapt to a healthy sleep schedule, even when your schedule is hectic. Hey traveling nurses, this one is for you! Use this #infographic full of easy self-care tips to keep a healthy mind, body and soul when on the road. Click To Tweet Don’t forget to check into our traveling nurse jobs portal for the latest assignments in your specialty! freedom healthcare self care tips infographic easy self-care tips infographic download here cta

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