Not many people would disagree with the statement that nursing is one of the most underrated professions. It isn’t easy, in fact, it’s extremely demanding. Being around ailing patients, working 10 plus hour shifts, often without breaks, and having no idea what you will encounter every time you go into work is exhausting.

    Nurses are required to be compassionate, helpful, and also make tough decisions on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be difficult to always be on top of your game, but here are some qualities we think make an exceptional nurse.
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    Be Professional at all Times

    It isn’t always easy to be calm and collected when a patient is losing their cool or an emergency situation comes up, but the best nurses keep it together. A great nurse views each patient as an individual who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


    Nurses deal with patients coming from all different age groups, genders, races, communities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Great nurses don’t make assumptions or generalizations, they just focus on treating their patients’ illnesses or injuries.

    Communication is Key

    An awesome nurse has great communication skills. Listening to patients and communicating with them is critical. Patients expect nurses to understand their troubles perfectly before administering any medication. Also, nurses need to effectively find the right balance between communicating with doctors and patients.

    Pay Attention to Detail

    Missing a tiny step or detail can mean the difference between life or death for some patients. Effective nurses pay attention to all the details to make sure they don’t miss any steps.
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    Be Empathic

    More often than not, patients are enduring an immense amount of pain and suffering. Nurses have to be empathetic and understanding. Excellent nurses provide comfort during these troubling times even when they are mentally and physically fatigued.

    Never Stop Learning

    Nurses should always be on top of new healthcare knowledge. It’s important to read journals, learn new practices, achieve certifications and continue an academic pursuit in the healthcare field. Lack of knowledge can lead to adverse patient outcomes, and ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to someone's life.


    Fantastic nurses embody all these qualities and much more and we couldn’t be happier to work with some of the best in the business. We just want to remind you, we think you’re amazing and deserve credit for all that you do! Do you want to join the Freedom HCS family to work with the best? Check out our quick apply!

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