Being a travel nurse has its benefits, especially if you have a multi-state nursing license. While it may ease the paperwork for transitions between Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) states, only 29* states are currently participating in the multi-state licensure program. That means there are 21 other states you may have to research when looking at your next travel nursing assignment.

    Picture this, you find the perfect assignment for your next adventure, but you run into a snag: you don't meet the licensing requirements for that state because they don't participate in the eNLC or the original NLC. Avoid the letdown and get the assignments you want by using this handy licensing guide from Freedom Healthcare Staffing. See the licensing requirements by state to help you prepare for the documentation and other tasks you'll need to complete to compete!

    *Some states are pending. The map will be subject to change as the legislation becomes enacted.

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    Why Should I get eNLC Licensed? How Do I Get My State eNLC Compliant?

    Not only will you be able to work in more states, but the process to work across the nation is now streamlined. Normally, there are application fees, fees for license verification and criminal background check fees for each license on top of the extended amount of processing time. Now, you can practice in multiple states through one multi-state/compact license. If a position opens up in another state which the employer needs filled, you can apply immediately and get that position. In other words, if jobs are posted in a state for a short amount of time, you can apply for the position before it closes. This increases the chance you have to get hired. Becoming eNLC licensed will widen the number of job positions available to you. Check out all the benefits.

    If your state is not currently an eNLC participating member, you can take action by sending a message to your governor, state senator or state representative. Send them a message.

    What Do I Need to Do in My State?

    Holding membership in the eNLC will help ease your ability to work in other compliant states. All eNLC participating states hold specific licensing requirements called, “Uniform Licensure Requirements (ULRs).” Most recently, Kansas and Louisiana have joined the eNLC and will be implementing changes July 1st, 2019.

    If you are in an eNLC member state:

    • If you have a current state multistate license, you will be grandfathered into the eNLC and you do not need to do anything.
    • If you move to or wish to work in a non-participating eNLC state, you will need to meet the desired state’s requirements with the single state license.

    If you are in a non-eNLC member state:

    • Nothing changes for you and your licensure won’t be affected.
    • If you choose to work in another state, you’ll have to apply and meet the desired state’s requirements. If it’s an eNLC member state, you’ll have to meet those requirements. If it’s not an eNLC participating state, you’ll have to meet that individual state’s requirements.

    What Does This Mean for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)?

    • RN compact licenses issued before July 20, 2017 from one of the eNLC states will have multistate privileges in the other eNLC states as of Jan 20, 2018.
    • RN compact licenses issued after July 19, 2017, are subject to other requirements from their state licensing board to have multi-state privileges.
    • For the remaining NLC states not part of the eNLC, RN compact licenses are only valid within those NLC states.
    • Any APRNs and physician assistants (PAs) wanting to practice their full scope of work will need to get their advanced practitioner licenses in both compact and non-compact states where they want to work. Please note the APRN compact is not in effect at this time.

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    Tips to Get Licensed

    • Apply ASAP. The sooner you apply for the eNLC, the more time you have to take care of delays and you’ll have more opportunity as a travel nurse. Expect delays!
    • Verify Your Active Nurse License. Either use Nursys or contact your state Board of Nursing. See where you can work by using these instructions.
    • Always Use Official Transcripts. Non-official transcripts will not be processed. Order official transcripts from your institution/program sooner rather than later.
    • Keep Your Documents Organized. Have all your documents in a single folder for ease of access. See the Uniform Licensure Requirements.

    See other NLC FAQs and our Nurse Licensing Requirements Guide for everything you need to get licensed in multiple states!

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