NOTE: Every state has its own guidance for public interaction during the COVID-19  pandemic. Many tourist destinations and other public places may be closed or operating at limited capacity. Before venturing out on your days off, be sure you’re thoroughly familiar with the specific regulations in your locale.


    RN | Specialty: MS/Tele | Location: Framingham, Massachusetts

    You’ve probably heard about the long-running Framingham Nurses’ Health study, one of the largest-ever investigations into risk factors for major chronic diseases. Well, this is its home town!

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    RN | Specialty: ICU| Location: Madera, California

    Have some Madeira, my dear? Oh wait — the town’s name, Madera, is wood, not wine, but you can sample wines of all varieties along the San Joaquin valley’s famous Wine Trail.

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    RN | Specialty: NEURO ICU | Location: Austin, Texas

    Austin — known for the world-renowned SXSW festival, original River Walk, fine and dive dining, University of Texas campus, and so much more. So much to see and do!

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    RN | Specialty: ICU | Location: Nashville, Tennessee

    Nashville is the Tennessee capital, but it’s better known for being the Country Music Capital of the world. Unleash your inner Dolly Parton!

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