It should come as no surprise to learn that hospitals across the nation need all the help they can get during this challenging time. If you don’t see a premier job below that suits you, please contact us. We will find work for you.

    You’ve probably heard about the long-running Framingham Nurses’ Health study, one of the largest-ever investigations into risk factors for major chronic diseases. Well, this is its home town!

    RN | Specialty: L&D | Location: Framingham, Massachusetts

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    Billed as the southern gateway to California’s Central Valley vast agricultural region, Bakersfield is also noted for its music scene, outdoor adventure, and old-west vibe.

    RN | Specialty: MedSurg Tele | Location: Bakersfield, California

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    Wilmington is a history buff’s paradise, with countless mansions, museums, and more chronicling our country’s early history.

    RN | Specialty: PCU – OTHER | Location: Wilmington, Delaware

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    Lowville is a village in upstate New York … way upstate, at the foothills of the Adirondacks. Be sure to visit the Tug Hill Vineyards for handcrafted artisinal wines and spirits.

    RN | Specialty: ICU | Location: Lowville, New York

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    Just a stone’s throw from the Canadian border, Newport can be your jumping-off place for international travel!

    RN | Specialty: PACU | Location: Newport, Vermont

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    From major metropolis Kansas City on the east to tiny Kanorado on the far west, Kansas is a state with many sights and surprises to explore.

    RN | Specialty: MS | Location: Kansas

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    Fresno is the big city of California’s agricultural heart, the Central Valley. It also boasts “the best tacos on the planet.” (According to one writer, anyway.)

    RN | Specialty: Med-Surg | Location: Fresno, California

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    Nashua bills itself as “The Great American Downtown,” featuring street pianos, a riverwalk, festivals galore, and weekly salsa dancing. What’s not to love?

    RN | Specialty: Cardiac Cath Lab | Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

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    Raton’s location at the entry point to Raton Pass puts it at the crossroads of Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. Its clean air and crystal rivers beckon outdoor enthusiasts year round.

    RN | Specialty: ER | Location: Raton, New Mexico

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    Lewiston, Maine’s second largest city, is noted for its majestic Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, and offers a year-round bounty of festivals for every interest.

    RN | Specialty: ICU | Location: Lewiston, Maine

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    Experience the best that travel nursing has to offer.

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