If you haven’t heard, we’re celebrating 12 years of Freedom Healthcare this month! We’re excited to share this milestone with our travelers as it’s been a triumphant ride getting here and we could not have done it without YOU. What makes travel nurses choose us as their agency? Here are the top 12 reasons! [bctt tweet="Discover the top 12 reasons why Freedom is the best #TravelNurse agency around!" username="freedomhcs"]

    1. No-drama zone

    Stress-free, drama-free, hassle-free travel assignments. That’s what we promise each and every one of our travelers and we mean it. Heading on a new adventure is stressful enough without adding drama in the workplace or uncertainty about your new housing. We want our travelers to be stress-free as they begin their new assignment and throughout their stay so they can give the best patient care possible.

    2. Dedicated recruiter

    Our dedicated service to you is second to none. Reach your recruiter anytime as you get acquainted to your new home or deal with any problems that may arise. Freedom Healthcare recruiters work tirelessly to ensure you get the best assignments that you’ll actually enjoy. Knowing someone is in your corner can make the difference between a great assignment and a bad one.

    3. Experience you can count on

    After 12 years in the business, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing. From the strong relationships we’ve built with clients to the expert advice we can give you on housing, benefits, etc., we’ll always have answers you can count on.

    4. Become part of the family

    The Freedom Healthcare team is nothing but courteous and friendly to our travelers. Once you’re in, you’re part of the family and we mean in. We cannot stress enough the respect you will always receive from us, no matter where you are in your job process or career.

    “I can honestly say, that Freedom Healthcare Staffing is a company that supports and cares about their nurses. I love the competitive pay packages that Freedom offers and the fact that I can reach my recruiters anytime I need assistance.” - Nolana, RN BSN

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    5. Benefits galore

    Why sacrifice the job you really want for security? We think you should have both and that means an unbeatable benefits package. Our packages include affordable healthcare wherever your dreams take you. In addition, health, dental and vision plans are offered to every traveling nurse.

    6. Private housing

    Any traveling nurse knows that your housing can make or break the quality of an assignment. That’s why finding you a home away from home is just one of the many ways we work to make you feel welcome in your new environment. Our recruiters work to offer private housing or supplemental housing, if you prefer.

    “I have been traveling for 10 years, all assignments with Freedom Healthcare, except my first one. My housing has always been safe, which is a big concern for me. Pay is always on time which is a big concern for all. I have never gone longer than I wanted to without a job. My recruiter is right on it for job available. I honestly can’t say a bad word about Freedom Healthcare.” - Cher, RN, BSN

    7. Life insurance

    You worry about your patients’ health all day. Let us worry about your health. Full life insurance plans are just one of the many benefits of travel nursing with us.

    8. With you every step of the way

    We provide the support you deserve and need at any step of your assignment. Need a PBDS study guide? We have that here! Stressing out about packing for your furry friend? Grab our checklist to never forget a thing! Just looking for tips and advice along the way? Our traveler blog has you covered.

    9. Unbeatable professionalism

    Our team is always there for you, no matter the situation. And they’ll handle it with poise and professionalism:

    “I have been working with Freedom for about a year now and can’t say enough good things about them. I have been travel nursing for over 8 years and this company has been outstanding. Not only are they friendly and warm, but the degree of professionalism is far above the competition. They are, without a doubt, the best agency I have ever worked with.” - Rush, RN, BSN

    10. Top wages

    You have valuable skills. Get compensated for them! Competitive pay in every state means traveling nurse jobs earn far more than staff nurses.

    11. Paid transportation

    With Freedom Healthcare, you’ll never be stuck. We make sure of it. You can travel with peace of mind knowing your transportation to and from your assignment is fully covered.

    12. We celebrate YOU!

    After 12 years, we know our company would be nothing without the amazing the travelers we work everyday. To show our appreciation, we want you to celebrate with us during our 12-days of giveaways August 7th-18th!

    Enter to win during the 12 days of Freedom Healthcare!

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