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The Diversity Factor: How Representation Improves Healthcare for All

What does the term “diversity” mean to you? How does it apply to your career as a nurse? As a traveling nurse? So many people talk about how diversity is a complicated topic, but the reality is the perceived complexities surrounding its issues are just that – perceived. Most diversity issues have a straightforward answer, and that’s to treat people like people and give everyone the respect, dignity and representation they deserve. For nursing, it’s no different.
Nursing News

Treat Yourself All Month for Nurses Week!

May is here, which means Nurses Week is upon us! At Freedom Healthcare, we do our best to ensure our nurses are treated well and know that their hard work is appreciated! So, even though Nurses Week 2018 is only May 6th-12th, we’re celebrating all month with giveaways that show how much we care about our hardworking travelers!