After nearly two full years of nonstop working with, around, through, or in spite of COVID-19, it’s easy to forget why we became travel nurses in the first place. At this most festive (and hectic) time of year, let’s pause a moment and remember some of the many blessings travel nurses enjoy as part of our work and simply as card-carrying members of the human race.

    Blessing No. 1 — Travel nurses really make a difference. In the lives of our patients, our colleagues, our families and ourselves. Whether it’s holding the hand of a dying patient whose families can’t be by their side, relieving a frazzled, had-it-up-to-here coworker, or looking back on the small triumphs of a challenging shift, the travel nurse can take pride and satisfaction in being part of a far-flung team of dedicated, trusted professionals who care deeply about their work and their patients.

    Blessing No. 2 — As part of a nationwide or even international group of skilled, competent career nurses, travel nurses have a large community to tap for friendship, advice, gripes and gratitudes, and moral support. If there’s been a silver lining in the COVID-19 thundercloud, it’s the ready availability of services like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, and Instagram to stay in touch with others. Social media may not be as good as a real hug, but it goes a long way to helping us keep things in perspective.

    Blessing No. 3 — Travel nursing is unparalleled in its ability to further a career. Travel nurses are inherently adaptable and learn to be resilient under the most trying circumstances, and they have front-line access to learning opportunities in new specialties and procedures, and exposure to a never-ending variety of places and people.

    Blessing No. 4 — If travel broadens one’s horizons, travel nursing expands the soul, often in unexpected ways. Many nurses find meaning through non-nursing activities. For instance, one nurse coped with pandemic stress by joining an all-nurse choir — which eventually ended up competing on “America’s Got Talent” and performing at Carnegie Hall! Another turned to humor as a stress-reliever and soon became a TikTok sensation. And many, many others simply continue to serve selflessly, against the odds, because there is always hope.

    Blessing No. 5 — The last (but certainly not least) blessing we want to mention is…you. All of us at Freedom Healthcare consider our travel nurses our greatest blessing. We are so grateful for your talent, your enthusiasm, your willingness to take on — and conquer — the impossible, assignment after assignment. You are our reason for being, and the reason for our success. Thank you.

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