Becoming a traveling Certified Nurse Assistant is a rewarding career move, not to mention the loads of benefits that come with it. The biggest advantage is the ability to travel on your own terms. If you work with an agency, you get the flexibility of choosing a specific region or city. With a high demand for traveling professionals across the country, this is the perfect time to get out your suitcase and think about making the switch to becoming a travel CNA.

    Travel, travel, travel

    If traveling around the country is on your bucket list, the good news is that traveling CNA jobs are in demand in every state. Depending on how long your assignment is, you can pick up a hobby specific to the area, like hiking or paddle boarding. If you like sunbathing, visit the states with endless sunshine, even in winter. If you like watching snow falling while drinking hot chocolate, head to the ski slopes. Regardless of what you like to do, the places you’ll visit on your assignment will have a lot to offer. And once you’ve done everything in that city, you can move on to the next!

    Keep in mind that certain states require a special license for CNAs, so make sure you do your research and have your documents in order.

    Unlimited freedom

    For a travel CNA, the sky is the limit. You have the power to decide everything about your job, from location, salary, and specialties to contract length. You choose what makes you happy.

    The flexibility that comes with traveling professions makes it easier to deal with unforeseen travel plans. If you have a family reunion or a destination wedding in a few months, you can pick an assignment in that city so you’re not sacrificing PTO to deal with travel hassles. The bottom line is that you have the freedom to balance work and personal life.

    Career growth

    As you’re visiting hospital after hospital, you’ll have numerous opportunities to learn more about healthcare innovations. You can learn from permanent staff about the latest patient treatment procedures that you can apply to your next assignment. Gaining knowledge about current trends in the industry can make your resume more versatile and memorable. Not to mention, it will help you become a more well-rounded healthcare professional.

    Going back to the freedom you have, you should consider an assignment that will enhance your skill sets. Think about your personal and professional goals and see how your next assignment can contribute to those goals. Do you want to try a different specialty? Does your long-term plan include working in a specific unit at a facility? These are important questions to consider when planning your next destination. 

    Great pay

    It’s common knowledge that traveling professionals have higher salaries than staff nurses. Some reports show that a travel CNA can make up to three times more than a staff CNA annually. Aside from the great pay, there are other financial benefits with any CNA position, including travel expense reimbursement, healthcare benefits, and bonuses.

    That high salary also comes in handy for paying for your travel expenses outside of work. Since an assignment typically lasts between 4 to 13 weeks, there is plenty of time for you to go on solo sightseeing trips to other cities in that state.

    How to become a traveling CNA

    Getting started as a traveling CNA can be a confusing process. You must obtain your CNA license and have work experience in your specialty. Some states may require different training and certifications for travel CNAs, so do your research before deciding on your next destination. Certain facilities may require you to have a clean driving record, especially if it’s in a traffic-heavy city. If you’re working with a staffing agency, they will obtain all the information you need to be successful at your assignment.

    If you’re ready to make the transition from staff to traveling professional, Freedom Healthcare Staffing will connect you with one of our experienced recruiters to find your next great adventure.

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