When you live the exciting life that a travel nurse does, you often have a strong appreciation for adventure and a natural ability to be highly organized. This is because in addition to the traditional responsibilities that a nurse may have on the job, there’s even more logistics to account for when you are often (temporarily) relocating to take on new job assignments. With all the hustle and bustle nursing and travel require, the last thing a travel nurse should be stressed about is the clothing that they’ll have on-hand when traveling to and at their new home. With this said, here’s our top 6 clothing brand recommendations for the avid travel nurse that will promise comfort, quality and efficiency for your travel needs!


    1. Athleta A company that focuses on designing clothing for the active woman, from running to yoga to hiking, Athleta is known for designing athleisure pieces that can be suitable for the office or the outdoors. Take their Skyline Pant­­, for example–which is designed to be lightweight but rarely wrinkle, so that women can have comfortable clothing options outside of sweatpants and leggings!

    Photo Source: Athleta.com (Skyline Pant, $89)  

    2. Lands’ End A company that started in the 1960’s, Lands’ End was originally founded to provide casual quality clothing to consumers. In recent years, apparel brands are becoming increasingly aware of providing iron-free options to the low-maintenance consumer and Land’s End is no exception. It has a great variety of no-iron shirts that will be essential for any traveler so that you’re able to travel lighter and smarter!

    Photo Source: LandsEnd.com (Sleeveless No Iron Shirt, $26.97-44.95)

    3. Lululemon As one of the premier athleisure brands, it’s safe to say that Lululemon understands the importance of comfort and functionality. If you’re looking for clothing essentials you can easily dress up or down, but also want them to be light-weight and wick sweat, Lululemon has also added dresses and rompers to its apparel. These options are great for the individual that is seeking quality and comfort, but also variety outside of the traditional tracksuit.

    Photo Source: Lululemon.com (Picnic Play Dress, $118)


    1. Lands’ End Due to the popularity of its no-iron shirts, Lands’ End didn’t hesitate to provide a variety of options for both men and women…in tops AND bottoms. For the low maintenance traveler that can’t be bothered with ironing, you’ll find tops and bottoms that are able to be mixed and matched.

    Photo Source: LandsEnd.com (Men’s Comfort Waist Chino Short, $24.97-49.95)  

    2. Arc’teryx Arc-teryx is a well-known outdoor brand that has the adventure-junkie in mind, and strives to create clothing to accommodate an active lifestyle that can hold strong in the elements. If you’re looking for clothing that’s wrinkle-resistant, versatile and can adapt to virtually any climate, this is a brand worth checking out.

    Photo Source: Arcteryx.com (Brohm Shirt, $89)  

    3. Orvis Though this is a company that was originally founded to accommodate the fly-fisher, don’t let that throw you off—Orvis has a knack for creating apparel that is versatile, yet hardy. You’ll be able to find tops, bottoms and jackets that for the most part are made to be light-weight and quick-drying so your clothing isn’t holding you back.

    Photo Source: Orvis (Jackson Quick-Dry Pants, $98)

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