With any job there is a chance of burnout. But, with travel nursing, the threat of wearing yourself thin is even more prevalent. You work, travel a lot, and are constantly learning the ropes for new assignments - no wonder you’re exhausted!
    However, we know that burning out is the last thing you want to do. You love your job, and your patients, things just get a little hectic sometimes. Well, no worries! We’re here to offer you a few easy fixes to help put a little spring in your step again. Here are 5 of the best ways you can combat the travel nursing burnout:

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    Stay Energized

    As someone who works and travels long hours, you probably already know about coffee and energy drinks. But, aside from being bad for you, they also can cause crashes in energy later in the day. What you need is a way to stay energized at a consistent rate throughout the day. One easy way? Eat healthy and exercise. Swapping a donut for an apple makes sense, but shouldn’t exercising make you more tired? Yes, and no. At first, it can wear you out a bit. But, the long-term benefits include increased energy levels.
    “Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.” - Mayo Clinic

    Stay Connected

     One big thing to remember is to not go this alone. We know you may not get along with everyone, but take the time to try and make new friends. It will make the transition process easier and less stressful. Studies have shown that work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50% and people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work. Also, be sure to stay in contact with family and friends from your hometown. Seeing a familiar face can make all the difference. Either of these is a great solution to get a much-needed refresher.

    Make Time For Yourself

    Sometimes, the best cure is some good, old-fashioned relaxation. Or, just simply remembering to be healthy. Food, exercise, and maybe even a little cat nap can do wonders. Implementing things like yoga or massages are the perfect way to destress, get rid of anxiety and loosen up any tension from the day. It has been proven that those who participated in a two-hour yoga practice session showed a 14.7% decrease in anxiety levels. So, you can see what a difference it can make. It may be difficult to remember to take care of yourself while also taking care of so many others. But, your own health should come first.
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    Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

    We know you want to do everything you can for your patients to ensure they have a fast and successful recovery. But, what if others are asking you to take on extra tasks? You may feel obligated, especially being the new nurse on the block, but don’t let others take advantage of that. It’s okay to say “yes” from time to time, especially if you know you can really help, or if you see that the other person is struggling. But, you also have to be able to say “no.” If you are already stressed and take on even more work, you’re not helping the situation, and it could make things worse because of lack of focus and other aspects.

    Vacation and Travel More

    This one may confuse you, after all, you already travel a few times a year. However, traveling a little more, whether it be taking shorter contracts or sneaking in a vacation every now and then, has actually been proven to reduce stress and improve your overall health. Studies show that those who didn't take vacations had a 32% higher chance of dying from a heart attack than those who did take vacations. It seems getting a little sun means a lot more than just soaking up the natural vitamin D.
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    As a traveling nurse, your whole world revolves around your patients. But, even heroes like you need a break every now and then. No one wants to burnout on a job they love, and no one wants the added task of handling stress. Are you struggling to break from the norm of your nursing job? Besides these tips, Freedom can help by offering our no-drama nursing guarantee! Apply with us today.

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