Though we never hesitate to boast about the perks that travel nursing has to offer, we understand it’s not always easy to move your life around the country as you take on new assignments. That’s why we’re here—to provide you with tips, benefits and resources to make the logistics of your travel nursing career easier and enjoyable.

    Our nurses, as seasoned travelers, are very vocal of how critical it is for them to be organized, especially when it comes to their personal files and nursing paperwork. We know it’s a tall order—often infeasible—to move a physical file system from assignment to assignment, which is why we recommend our nurses utilize personal cloud storage services, like Dropbox. Here’s why:

    1. Easy way to access and store nursing documents on the go
      Let’s face it—traveling light is an essential way to maintain your serenity, and Dropbox is all about keeping things simple. The platform acts as your personal online hard drive that you can access from any device, making it easy for you to upload, store and share files with others when you need to.
    2. Keeps your files secure and safe
      Millions of people and organizations utilize Dropbox for their storage needs, which is why the company puts data security at the forefront of its efforts. You’ll be able to securely access your nursing documentation and personal files from desktop, web, mobile or third-party apps, and the platform will protect your privacy and files from unauthorized access. You needn’t worry about others accessing private files or personal information.

      So, if you’re stressed about organizing and keeping your nursing documentation, travel checklists and personal photos safe, fear not! Dropbox is handy, and it’s not prone to crashing like a computer. Not only will your suitcase be lighter because of it, but your mind will be at ease during those big moves.

    3. It’s free
      When you find platforms that come with all the bells and whistles, your first question (or one of the first) may be: how much will this cost me? For the budget-conscious nurses, the good news is with a Dropbox Basic Account, you’ll get 2 GB of storage at no cost at all. All that’s required is that you create a Dropbox account. It may take some prioritization of what documents you store on Dropbox, but it’s feasible to fit most of what you can’t live without into 2 GB of storage.

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