Just starting out is never easy, especially for travel nurses and it can be difficult to learn the ropes, meet new co-workers, and simply get into the swing of things. Because of this, it’s easy to make mistakes. But, when it comes to nursing, little mistakes can mean big consequences.

    A study done by Johns Hopkins has recently proven that medical errors as such are the third leading cause of death. So, you can see that it’s important to be aware of any chances that may occur for you to step out of line, or do something terribly wrong. The good news is, there are things you can watch out for to ensure mistakes don’t happen, and that you are prepared if any do. Here are some easy ways to keep both you and your profession on track. Take a look:

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    As a travel nurse, you’re constantly trying to figure and refigure record systems while you move from one facility to another. Because of this, charting errors can easily happen. Most facilities will offer an orientation.

    However, with only a few hours to learn something new, it can still be confusing and lack complete understanding. To help with this, take advantage of the orientation as much as you can by taking notes, a video, voice recording, or even saying them repeatedly aloud. Do whatever works for you and will help you learn the charting process quickly.

    Policies and Procedures

    With different policies and procedures, make sure not to come to any assumptions. It may seem that certain aspects should be universal, however, that isn’t always the case. Take the time to know the protocols that are in place before you are on your own.

    This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to memorize all of them, but it should at least be known where to find these particular procedures for future reference.

    Asking Questions

    The most important thing when entering any type of new working environment – ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you may have. Not asking is what can lead to major error.

    Find a charge nurse or someone you can go to in order to answer any questions that may cross your mind. Remember, it is always better to ask than to be wrong, even if you think you know the answer.

    As physicians we see medicine as a science. We think of ourselves, and present ourselves to the public, as rational, evidence-based practitioners. But in truth, most of what we do is based on experience, what we’ve learned from mentors, what we’ve seen, what we feel in our gut, what seems to work. – Dr. Danielle Ofri (@danielleofri)

    Not Realising What You Need

    So far, we’ve covered common mistakes that can happen within the medical facility you work. But, mistakes can happen anywhere, especially when it comes to your travel experience. Whether it be housing or pay, travel nurses need to be aware of what they need to get by and live comfortably. Don’t just settle for what is given to you. Make your needs known and try comparing what you have with other travel nurses. Are you getting your fair share?

    Knowing the ins and outs of your nursing responsibilities and facility are what make you a master at your profession. But, that doesn’t mean you are immune to errors and mistakes. Keeping a keen eye on activities and the policies you are learning are key ways to prevent such accidents and make the hospital safer for your co-workers, your patients, and you.

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