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Battling Loneliness on the Road

Traveling with Freedom gives you the opportunity to have new experiences all over the country. You can interact with people of different backgrounds, try unique foods, tour iconic places you’ve always dreamed of seeing and so much more. This is why being a travel nurse is so desirable! But, anyone that has had an assignment or two will know — despite the perks, traveling is not as glamorous as it looks.

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What to Do When A Travel Nursing Assignment Goes Wrong

Living the life of a travel nurse is fun, exciting and full of new adventures! But, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. Whether it’s your first or twenty-first assignment, coming across a slew of mishaps is never fun and can drain your enthusiasm for travel nursing. Don’t fret, we have a guide on how to help with these struggles that may pop-up while on assignment.


Freedom’s Hot Traveling Nurse Jobs | June

We’re back with your next batch of adventures with Freedom Healthcare’s traveling nurse assignments for June! You may have thought May’s jobs were hot, just wait to see what we have available now that the summer weather is officially here. Get ready for lots of interesting positions all over the country. Where will you go next?