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Hot Traveling Nurse Jobs for June

We’re back with your next batch of adventures with Freedom Healthcare’s traveling nurse assignments for June! Things were just heating up in May, but just wait until you see June’s hot jobs! Get ready for lots of interesting positions all over the country. Where will your next adventure be?

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Dealing with Depression on the Road

Your shift is in the morning, but the thoughts are already invading your mind. And you know they will get worse as the night goes on. As these thoughts spin and spin, you’re letting your mind create and review each worst case scenario. You know that the thoughts will continue to worsen while you’re getting ready in the morning, while you’re driving and you’re to the point where you can feel your heartbeat out of your chest as you take the elevator up to your floor. You never get used to it, but it has become part of the job. You’re a nurse with depression, and no one knows…not even you.

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Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Appreciation Within Your Own Circles

As travel nurses, you have probably become accustomed to leaving your coworkers shortly after you get comfortable in a position. Odds are you miss some of your coworkers and were more than ready to move on from a couple coworkers as you move on to your new assignment. That’s not uncommon! No one expects you to naturally bond with everyone you work with. In a professional workplace, however, a modicum of social decorum is necessary.


Specialty Spotlight: Surgical Technician

What does it take to be a surgical technician and would you enjoy the daily grind? We have all the details about this rewarding specialty and an inside look at what it’s like to be a surgical technician. If you’re considering this career, give this a read:

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Treat Yourself All Month for Nurses Week!

May is here, which means Nurses Week is upon us! At Freedom Healthcare, we do our best to ensure our nurses are treated well and know that their hard work is appreciated! So, even though Nurses Week 2018 is only May 6th-12th, we’re celebrating all month with giveaways that show how much we care about our hardworking travelers!

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Make Your Housing Assignment Feel Like Home [Checklist]

Whether it’s your first traveling nurse assignment, your 20th or even somewhere in between, you never really get used to being away from home for an extended period of time. If you’re used to being on the road, it may seem second nature to leave family and friends behind you in order to have a satisfying and adventurous career.