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Freedom’s Hot Traveling Nurse Jobs | September

Fall is just around the corner and nothing beats the sights and smells that come with this colorful season! We’ve compiled a list of hot jobs that are perfect for anyone who enjoys the comforts of fall. Don’t forget to check out all of our job postings on the Freedom Job Portal Page. If you know someone looking for a position, simply share this post with them or refer them on our referral page.

Traveler Tips

What to Do When A Travel Nursing Assignment Goes Wrong

Living the life of a travel nurse is fun, exciting and full of new adventures! But, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. Whether it’s your first or twenty-first assignment, coming across a slew of mishaps is never fun and can drain your enthusiasm for travel nursing. Don’t fret, we have a guide on how to help with these struggles that may pop-up while on assignment.

Traveler Tips

5 TV Shows Every Nurse Needs to Watch

Traveling nurses need some down time too and what better way to relax than watching a good show? Day in and day out, you put your patients and their families first, so kick up your feet, grab a glass of wine (or a La Croix) and turn on your television, because it’s time to relax and unwind. We have compiled a list of memorable TV shows nurses are sure to enjoy!

Traveler Tips

4 Sneaky Ways to Avoid an Awkward First Day on the Job

Anxiety is our natural way to protect ourselves from situations we’re afraid of or uncertain about. The first time going or doing anything new is a big opportunity for our anxieties to come and ruin the excitement of a wonderful and exciting journey. Don’t let the fear of a new day ruin this for you. Begin your endeavor with a steady and calm head on your shoulders with these 4 sneaky ways to avoid an awkward first day on your new assignment.
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A Trusty First-Day Checklist for Travel Nurses

Starting at a new assignment is always a little intimidating. Even for the most seasoned travel nurses, going into new territory full of nursing staff who may be more experienced and in-tune with their surroundings can make you nervous and uneasy. Not to mention worrying about how you’re going to remember where everything is, who to contact, or if you even have to bring your own scrubs or not. That’s why Freedom Healthcare Staffing is here to help!

Traveler Tips

Building Up Your Nursing Confidence

Whether it’s your first day as a traveling nurse or your 568th day, the day will come when your self-confidence takes a bad turn. Even seasoned nurses going to a new facility will feel like all eyes are on them, watching their every move and decision. Don’t feel ashamed by these feelings, everyone gets them! It certainly doesn’t mean you’re a bad nurse, in fact, it means you really care about your practice and don’t want to trip and fall in front of all your new colleagues.