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New Travel Nurses, Be on the Lookout for These Top 4 Mistakes

Just starting out is never easy, especially for travel nurses and it can be difficult to learn the ropes, meet new co-workers, and simply get into the swing of things. Because of this, it’s easy to make mistakes. But, when it comes to nursing, little mistakes can mean big consequences. A study done by Johns Hopkins has recently proven that medical errors as such are the third leading cause of death. So, you can see that it’s important to be aware of any chances that may occur for you to step out of line, or do something terribly wrong.

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Trying to Find a Good Housing Assignment: GIFs

If you’re a traveling nurse, you know what it’s like trying to get the perfect housing assignment to meet your needs. Sure, most agencies handle the small details, but that doesn’t mean their choices are always that great. Luckily, with Freedom we know what travel nurses want! You need someplace cozy and welcoming that you can make into a great home-base. With the Freedom difference, that’s exactly what you get! No beating around the bush, we work to get the best housing to accommodate your needs.

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4 Tips to Better Healthcare Team Collaboration

One of the largest contributing factors to the success of any business is if employees are able to work well together as a team. It’s obvious when teams work cohesively together. They outperform and outproduce those that don’t. About 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important” within their workplaces, and a Salesforce survey found that 86% of the participants believed that lack of collaboration was responsible for workplace failures.

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Specialty Spotlight: Cardiac Nurse

What is a Cardiac Nurse?

A cardiac nurse, also called a cardiovascular nurse, is a nurse who cares for and educates their patients in the areas of heart disease and prevention. Cardiac nurses work with their patients to rehabilitate, prevent and recover from cardiovascular diseases and conditions. This type of nurse works closely with a cardiologist to ensure quality care for heart patients.

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5 Effortless Ways You Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

As a traveling nurse, chances are high that you’ve worked in a hospital that reports on patient satisfaction scores. It can be a bit nerve-wracking at first, knowing that your nursing performance is being evaluated by every patient you stop in to see. The standardized patient satisfaction survey (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems or HCAHPS) contains questions like the following:

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Preparing For Your Next Traveling Healthcare Assignment

Congratulations! It’s finally time to head to your next assignment. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already gone through the application, interview, offer and acceptance of your next assignment. Now the hard part is over. So, what’s next and what do you need to prepare before heading to your new assignment? We have compiled a few tips to help you check off the important items you will need to make your next trip a success.